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About the Nursery

The company was founded in 2003. After several extensions we currently grow on an area of 5 hectars, including 1,7 ha under glass, 2 ha pot growing area and 1,3 ha field growing area. Our main crops are conifers, deciduous shrubs and weakly growing Rhododendron in Tb 9 to Tb 1,1. We work with trays to optimize the handling of plants for ourselves and our cutomers.

Jens Meyer Young Plants
Our young plants

We operate different types of propagation like semi-hardwood cuttings, division and a few techniques of grafting. Our young plants are produced in high numbers, high intensity and with help of most modern aspects of cultivation in ornamental crop production. Our products are compact, uniform and of course free of weeds.The young plants are cut by a machine or if necessary by hand a few times a year. Before delivering the plants are prepared again and sent off by our own truck or a truck company as fast as possible.

young plants of Jens Meyer, Pinus grafting

An insight into our grafting production

We are the largest European producer of young plants in the segment of conifers. The production requires a high degree of mechanization to produce 100% in Germany. An effective combination of manual work and technology promises high quality standards, which our customers know and appreciate. See for yourself!

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